OpinionFirst, new platform for Heiloo!

OpinionFirst makes the voice of the people heard!

2012 – October

You vote once every four years in the Netherlands, Noord-Holland, and Heiloo and then you just hope that the country or your municipality will be well run. Very often you do not know what to vote for. More often, you cannot vote for a combination of plans or ideas that you agree with and choose the least bad solution.

A team of people thought it could be done differently. Closer to the citizen with more opinions and freedom of choice, so you can clearly state what you want! After four years of hard work and many tests, OpinionFirst is finally being launched. Some team members are from Heiloo, which is why the beta release starts in Heiloo. OpinionFirst wants to be as good and complete a platform as possible, so your suggestions and recommendations for the beta website are greatly appreciated!

Heiloo municipality

The municipality of Heiloo is in a state of flux and there are currently various topical issues that concern the minds. There is a connection to the A9, the Burgernet, the new fiber-optic network, the Zandzoom / Zuiderloo district and the impoverishment of a few buildings. What do the people of Heiloo really think about these topics? What’s going on What ideas or plans are possible? You will undoubtedly have an opinion on these topics. On OpinionFirst you can easily vote on any topic with 2 clicks. The municipal councilors were the first to be invited to publish their opinion, plans or ideas as an expert. You can support them by voting for their opinion! Do you want to realize your own ideas? Then you can of course also publish your opinion and acquire votes yourself. In this way, OpinionFirst offers you the platform to exchange ideas and to make optimal choices.

Discover and hear from you

But there is much more. Go to www.opinionfirst.nl and read through all the information at your leisure. Vote for the topics that are important to you, supporting direct democracy and OpinionFirst.

As long as you remain silent, your voice will not be heard! Democracy is now immediately within reach with OpinionFirst!