DemocracyFirst wants to involve all people with decisions that concern them; Poor or rich, highly educated or otherwise, everywhere in the world.

Everywhere decisions are being taken every day; at the sports club, in a company, at school, your neighborhood, hometown, province, country, continent and even for the world. Such a decision can be of great importance to people and could have considerable influence and impact on their daily life. Unfortunately, those involved do not always have an influence on decisions that impact them.

DemocracyFirst develops means to facilitate and stimulate the democratic decision-making process.

One of the means that the Foundation DemocracyFirst uses to reach this objective is the website OpinionFirst. With this platform, anyone can launch a proposal and find and reach to people to support this proposal. If successful, then this is an extremely strong argument to actually realizing this proposal by managers, politicians, policymakers, and others in decision-making positions. Democracy is always available at your fingertips.

DemocracyFirst is convinced that a democratic decision-making process, on whatever level, is an important factor for any society or group in which every individual has value. 

The platform OpinionFirst is the coherent factor between people. It provides clarity and cohesion in opinions and views and as such provides power to good proposals and ideas. We hope that this modern approach of a centuries-old principle will inspire people to take the initiative for a better society themselves.