One $/each day

Link to the website: One $/each day

One $/each day is after OpinionFirst the second project of the Foundation DemocracyFirst. The development of One $/each day started in January 2013.

Democracy, freedom and prosperity go hand in hand. To give democracy a good breeding ground, it is necessary to reduce poverty in the world. But the reverse is also true. For reducing poverty a real democracy is of great importance. This is the premise of the website One $/each day of the Foundation DemocracyFirst.

One $/each day aims to ensure that everyone has access to a basic income so that everyone is, in any case, be able to lead a dignified life. Also in this project, DemocracyFirst wants to play a connecting role between individuals, organizations, and agencies with the goal to realize a basic income for everyone. The system and the flow of funds should be fully transparent with the aim of promoting democratic decision-making and to support those who need it most.

One $/each day is a worldwide campaign. The site is multilingual and can be introduced in any language within a couple of hours.

One $/each day campaign

One $/each day wants to achieve that every government in the world gives every resident $1 every day; so to you, to me, to everyone. You do not pay anything for this worldwide solidarity dollar; you only make your choice.

What will you do when you receive $1 every day?

You have the choice to either ‘keep’ your $1 per day, or to ‘give’ your $1 away to someone else in the world who can use your help very much. You choose and register your choice!

With your choice…

we will do everything possible to make One $/each day reality. As soon as One $/each day has received enough votes we will offer your government a petition. The moment your government accepts One $/each day, you will receive $1 every day. Your vote is paying off!

The more votes, the sooner you will receive $1 every day, so tell all of your friends to vote for One $/each day.