If we, the people, really want something to happen, then we will be able to make it happen!

In a democracy, as we know today, it is mildly put difficult for the average person to indicate what they want to see happen. We can vote once every four or five years, we can organize a protest march, but it’s not easy to express in a simple way what we really want.

Democracy is the foundation for change. Through the use of modern technologies and campaigns DemocracyFirst makes it possible for everyone to express their proposals, views and ideas. We facilitate democratic decision-making processes and encourage initiatives and campaigns that promote both democracy and a better world.

Our first projects are:


OpinionFirst is the central platform for modern worldwide democracy. Read more

One $/each day

One $/each day wants to achieve that every government in the world gives every resident $1 every day; so to you, to me, to everyone. Read more

If you have ideas to develop new projects to offer millions of people a better world than we are fully open for new ideas or your suggestions. Contact.