This project is made possible by people who are always willing to take an extra step for a better and juster world. Their ongoing contribution is indispensable.

Judith and Arjen Flapper

Alles in balans – Communication advice | Coaching | Mediation | Relationship coaching | Training & workshops | Texts

What you read are Judith and Arjen! They bring communication to a higher level and contribute creatively and inspiring on how democracy can be brought to a higher level.

Mark Kruiver

Gidappa & SuccessityResult orientated marketing | Business accelerators | Participations

Mark participates in many innovative companies. As modern all-round communication expert his recommendations and marketing knowledge have been the basis of OpinionFirst. His contribution brings our initiatives constantly to a higher level.

Paul Mars

ManagementScience & RouteXL – Improving your planning with mathematical and statistical techniques | Advanced route planner

Paul is an incredible analytical and conceptual thinker and his broad knowledge and experience are of immeasurable value for the DemocracyFirst projects. Paul is also the publisher of Heiloo-online.

Dorine Kettenes

Sensoor – Telephone helpline

Dorine is always active. She corrects texts, brings new initiatives and always ensures the practical translation of all plans. Aspirator and invaluable through her ‘can do’ mentality.

Kees Kloosterboer

SolidWorks3D CAD software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

Kees brings innovative ideas and is a passionate stimulator of DemocracyFirst and its projects.

Hans Vasbinder

Nestlé – Food and beverage | 2000 brands | 190 countries | World leader

Hans is the well-known financial pillar of strength but also gives surprisingly good ideas for improvements in projects.

Jasper van Kessel

K&vK – Software development| Web applications for inter- en intranets | Consultancy

Jasper develops impressive online mega-platforms for large corporations. Due to his programming knowledge and all-round ICT background, his contribution is very important in using the best programmers and programs.

Frank Sietsma

Refa ICT – ICT Management| Cloud computing | Consultancy for personal and pragmatic IT solutions and services 

Frank ensures website security and manages the backbone of our infrastructure. No matter how busy he has always full attention to improve our projects and provide optimum service.

Dave Lighthart

Dvelopers – API | IoT Strategy | Web development |  Capable of many IT aspects

Dave really knows everything about websites, programming languages, system development, API’s and endlessly more. A great eye for details, what works and whatnot. He is a creative source of new concepts which makes that his directions have had a large influence of the projects.

Arnoud Breedveld

Paz computerworks – Database solutions on the internet | Author | Journalist | Castle owner| Mva

At the start of the projects, Arnoud was the person who was capable to bring a lot of texts and concepts back to its essence. With his efforts our fundamental concept became clear. His directions during the start of the development have lead to several important innovations in the projects.

Sabra Kemner

Sabra Kemner Schrijver – Illustrator | Writer | Translator

Sabra did have the patience to transfer Dutch English into English. All DemocracyFirst projects are international with English as the basic language for the other languages, so having the correct English language is essential.

Word of thanks

A special word of thanks goes out to the many other people who have tested OpinionFirst or have somehow unselfishly contributed to the realization of our initiatives: Rob Wolkers, Herman Bouwhuis, Caroline Slagt, Hans Swier, Joe Wilkie, Ad Langedijk, Jan Buursma, Eric Wiegers, Florus Groot, Frank Gersdorf, Jack van den Broek, Maarten Boer, Martijn de Deugd, Patrick de Visser, Ron Westrate, Perry Smit, Linda Woudstra, Linda Joosten, Bianca Beentjes, Rom van Stolk and many others.


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