The Foundation DemocracyFirst wants to make the world a better place for everyone and everything through facilitating and promoting modern democratic principles.

It is unacceptable that someone in this world dies of hunger or thirst, that someone suffers from war, that people do not receive basic medical care and that there are children without education, protection or shelter. Furthermore, it is unimaginable that our environment and nature are still insufficiently protected and respected.

Almost every healthy thinking person in this world is aware that these excesses are not acceptable. But if we all agree, why do these things then happen every day anyway? Why do 18.000 children die every day from hunger? It happens because people like you and me are not heard.

DemocracyFirst is established to make sure that you will be properly heard. 

DemocracyFirst develops attributes, structures, and technologies which are made freely available to society. We facilitate and stimulate democratic decision-making processes because it is the foundation’s conviction that:

A true democratic society leads to fewer wars, less famine, better functioning social services and more prosperity, happiness and respect for nature and environment.

We would like to support managers and policymakers with information on what you want and what your concerns are. Our ambition is to bridge the gap between what you really would like to see happen and what managers and policymakers think you would like to see happen. We bring you and the managers and policymakers closer to each other with democracy at your fingertips.

The foundation realizes this goal through its public website, meetings and seminars, and other methods and activities.

The foundation develops platforms and campaigns that make it possible for you to exactly indicate what you would like to see happen in a group and in the world. We take every effort to promote democracy worldwide to improve the quality of the lives of millions of people.

DemocracyFirst is a non-profit foundation created by volunteers and is completely independent of any political, religious or social organization.