OpinionFirst is the first project of the Foundation DemocracyFirst. The setup of OpinionFirst is aimed to develop technologies that can be used as broadly as possible. The system is safe and reliable, versatile and flexible, but should especially excel in ease of use and functionality.

Besides the public application of OpinionFirst, our technologies can also be used within private websites. Thus, it is possible to incorporate the extensive functionality for proposals, polls, and statements in websites of companies and organizations.

Do you have suggestions to expand the functionality of OpinionFirst, or do you see new applications? Let us know!


We are very interested in developments that could create a synergy with the objectives of DemocracyFirst. We would like to participate in or cooperate with any project that can promote democracy. What kind of partnership could you think of? We have lots of ideas for future developments, web-oriented or otherwise. For example, you can think of:

    • Cooperation with other foundations or organizations;
    • Integration or collaboration with software applications such as crowdsourcing, presentation tools (charts, maps, etc.), surveys, reports;
    • And so on.

Are you interested in starting new initiatives with DemocracyFirst? Email usDemocracyFirst is looking for initiatives that can lead to a win-win-win situation.