Link to the website: OpinionFirst

OpinionFirst is the first project of the Foundation DemocracyFirst. OpinionFirst is the worldwide central platform for modern democracy. The development of OpinionFirst started in 2008.

OpinionFirst is multilingual and can in 2-3 days be introduced in any language for any neighborhood, city, state or country. We started in Western Europe and North America.

With OpinionFirst we aim to make the technology deployed as widely as possible. This requirement made the project in technical (and financial) terms an enormous challenge. The system must be safe and reliable, versatile and flexible, but especially excel in ease of use and functionality. Only then OpinionFirst can become a success!

OpinionFirst in just a few words…

OpinionFirst is the central platform for modern direct democracy. Have an opinion? Then OpinionFirst is your starting point. Only if you vote and express your opinion and proposals, you will have influence. The principles are easy:

Vote for what concerns you most

You can quickly and easily vote on every important topic in your neighborhood, hometown, province, country, continent and even for the world. You do not vote with a specific party, but you freely vote on precisely those topics that concern you the most!

It only takes a few minutes of your time to make a choice about any topic. And with your choice you can influence any proposal or decision that is important to you. That is having direct influence on decisions!

As a registered voter you increase the impact of your votes and immediately increase your influence, just as in any democracy. Your registration makes it possible to always change or remove your vote later. All your votes are anonymous.

Everyone can vote on OpinionFirst. Citizens indicate together what is important and by their choices they will help their favorite proposals and opinion leaders win most votes. If you do not vote, then the topic might not be important for you and other people will determine which proposal is accepted.

Place your proposal or 360°

Your proposal or view counts. OpinionFirst strives to capture every proposal and every point of view on any topic, from all places in the world. In this way citizens are informed and they can make the right choices.

We invite experts, politicians, policy makers, professors, writers, journalists, celebrities and concerned citizens explicitly to express their proposals or visions. You respond on a topic in the form of a:

      • Proposal

        With your proposal you add your plan, idea, solution, motion or initiative. When you add a proposal, you automatically become an opinion leader for your proposal. Everyone can vote for you and your proposal. The better you promote your proposal, the more votes you obtain and the greater your influence will become. Your electorate makes your proposal win.

      • 360°

        With your 360° you respond with your advice, vision, ideas, arguments, recommendations and other information. You will not be an opinion leader and voters will not be able to vote for you, but with your voting advice you can promote your favorite proposal.